Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre-war Elgin Bluebird

This is the most awesome bicycle I've ever seen.

Despite looking like it is straight out of the scifi boom in 50's pop culture, this bike actually predates the second world war.

... and you could get it straight from the Sears catalog.

You too, could have your very own Bluebird for the low "buy it now" Ebay price of $16,500!!!

... I have yet to own a car worth that much.


  1. It is pretty--not 16,000 bucks cool, but cool nonetheless!

  2. Considering it may be one of the ONLY all original - including PAINT - Elgin Bluebirds out there, the $16.5K asking price, and the actual $15K selling price are not that out of line at all. It is said only 4000 were produced between 1935-1937 and many were melted down for the war effort, and many more rusted away left in barns... so find another one in this condition, and you will have yourself one rare bird!